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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with Multiple Database Connectivity : Import multiple Datasource metadata into a Vocabulary

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Import multiple Datasource metadata into a Vocabulary

When the database schema exists, its metadata can be imported into Corticon Studio.
You can control the tables that are accessed to transfer metadata to the Vocabulary. When only a small subset of tables will supply the metadata that is needed, the time and space overhead of the process is reduced by delimiting the number of tables.
To import the metadata from the databases into the Vocabulary:
1. Open the project's Vocabulary into its editor.
2. Select the Vocabulary root
3. Select, in turn, each database connection tab:
a. Click Test Connection to confirm that there is a good connection..
b. Click METADATA Import
c. In the dialog, accept Import all tables or click Choose tables for database metadata import, and then click Next. The panel lists all the tables in the connected database.
d. If you do not want all, click Deselect All, and then choose specific tables. For the sample's Patient Data Datasource, just two tables are selected. The query tables listed do not have metadata so they can be deselected.
e. Click Finish to perform the task.
4. As database metadata is imported into a Vocabulary, the Vocabulary Editor’s automatic mapping feature attempts to find the smart match for each piece of metadata. An entity will be auto-mapped to a table if the two names are spelled the same way, regardless of case.

Importing another Datasource's metadata

When the Vocabulary is supporting multiple database connections, each source is mapped separately to its respective tables. For the sample's Treatment Data Datasource, just one table is selected.
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