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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Deploying a Ruleflow to the Corticon Server for .NET : Creating and installing a .NET server Deployment Descriptor file : Hot re-deploying .NET server Deployment Descriptor files and Ruleflows

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Hot re-deploying .NET server Deployment Descriptor files and Ruleflows
Changes to a Deployment Descriptor file or any of the Ruleflows it references do not require restarting IIS. A maintenance thread in the Corticon Server for .NET watches for additions, deletions, and changes and updates appropriately. A Ruleflow can be modified in Studio even while it is also simultaneously deployed as a Decision Service and involved in a transaction - Server can be configured to update the Decision Service dynamically for the very next transaction.
Having selected No for the Dynamic Reload setting earlier, our tutorial_example Decision Service will not update automatically when the .erf file is changed. To enable this automatic refresh, choose Yes for the Dynamic Reload setting.
Note: When using .NET Server on IIS 7.5 and EDC-enabled Decision Services, redeploying a Decision Service to use a different database is not supported. To change the database or a deployed Decision Service you need to; undeploy the Decision Service, restart the .NET server (or server host), and then redeploy the Decision Service with the preferred database.