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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Getting started

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Getting started

This guide steps through the procedures for running the Corticon Java Server as a Web Services server, deploying Ruleflows to the Server, exposing the Ruleflows as Decision Services, and then testing them with document-style SOAP requests. There are other installation, deployment and integration options available beyond the SOAP/Web Services method described here, including Java-centric options using Java objects and APIs. More detailed information on all available methods is contained in the Integration & Deployment Guide.

Installing Corticon Server for Java

To work along with the material in this guide, you must download and install Corticon Server for Java on a supported Windows server machine. See the Corticon Installation Guide for details on installing this Corticon Server component.
Note: When production systems are created, it is typical to move away from a standard Windows platform. Refer to the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.7 - Supported Platforms Matrix to review the currently supported UNIX/Linux platforms and brands of Application Servers. Also see the Corticon KnowledgeBase entry Corticon Server 5.X sample EAR/WAR installation for different Application Servers for detailed instructions on configuring Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic on all supported platforms.
Note: HTTPS - If you want to set up your Java server for SSL-secured communications, see the topic Setting up encryption between servers and clients