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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with ADC

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Getting Started with ADC

Corticon's Advanced Data Connector (ADC) provides an alternative to Corticon’s Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) for accessing database data. It provides greater control over the query, and insert statements that are used. This is beneficial when you need finer control for performance or need to retrieve large amounts of data, as is the case in batch processing. With ADC you define a mapping of your vocabulary to a database, define queries, and control when queries are performed to retrieve data.
To load the ADC sample:
In Corticon Studio, choose the menu item Help > Samples. Select the Advanced Sample ADC Database Connectivity, and then click Done. Follow the Import dialog to bring the sample into your workspace.
Note: ADC is different from EDC in a few ways. If you are following along after walking through Getting Started with EDC, there are a few things to reset to make this section flow smoothly:
*In Corticon Studio, choose File > Close All.
*In the database table Treatments, either reset all the approved values to Null, or just delete and recreate the database
See more topics on ADC usage in the section Advanced ADC Topics
* Overview of the Advanced Data Connector
* Define a table namespace in the database for ADC
* Create and map the ADC schema and queries
* Enable the project for ADC
* Define a database connection for ADC
* Define and import queries for ADC
* Import ADC Datasource metadata into a Vocabulary
* Use the ADC connection in a service callouts
* Test the rules when reading from the ADC database
* Test the rules when writing to the ADC database