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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using command line utilities to compile Decision Services : Syntax of the compile and test commands : Generating XSD and WSDL schema files

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Generating XSD and WSDL schema files
The schema option generates XSD and WSDL schema files from either a Ruleflow (.erf) or Vocabulary (.ecore) file. This is the same functionality that DeploymentConsole provides.
Table 27. usage: corticonManagement --schema
-i,--input file
Required. The source Vocabulary (.ecore) file for a vocabulary-level schema, or Ruleflow (.erf) file for a Decision Service-level schema.
-o,--output folder
Required. Explicit path to the output folder.
-m,--messagestyle [FLAT|HIER]
Optional. Specifies whether the messaging style should be flat, hierarchical. When omitted, defaults to auto-detect where the schema generator determines the best option.
-s,--service name
Required for a Ruleflow. The name of the Decision Service for the schema.
-t,--type [WSDL|XSD]
Required. Type of schema to generate.
-u,--url address
Required. Specifies the Server URL to set in the schema document. This URL should match the URL of the Decision Service when deployed so that clients using the schema have the correct URL. server URL to substitute in WSDL schema.
Example usage:
corticonManagement --schema
-i C:\myRuleflow.erf
-u http://myserver:5555/myservice
-o C:\Output
-s C:\MyDS
corticonManagement -s
-i C:\MyVocab.ecore
-t XSD
-u http://myserver:5555/myservice
-o C:\Output