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What's New in Corticon : What was new and changed in Corticon 5.7.1 : Generate Service Contract from a Ruleflow

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Generate Service Contract from a Ruleflow

Studio now provides the ability to generate a service contract for a Ruleflow. This contract is a CSV file that identifies all the inputs and outputs of the Ruleflow. It is for use by system integrators when accessing a deployed Decision Service generated from the Ruleflow. You can generate a service contract from a Ruleflow by just choosing the menu command Service Contract, as ilustrated:
When you choose the Ruleflow menu command Service Contract, a document is produced based on the RuleflowFileName:
at the default Studio location [WORK_DIR]\Reports. For example:

Controlling date and time format masks

You can specify date and time formats that you prefer in a generated service contract by setting properties in the file, as shown:
#Properties for masking attributes in a Service Contract. Default values are:
# com.corticon.serviceContract.dateTime.masking=MM/dd/yy h:mm:ss a
# com.corticon.serviceContract.time.masking=h:mm:ss a
Uncomment a masking property you want to set, and then provide an appropriate mask value.
When tutorial_example_ServiceContract.csv is opened in Excel, the CSV file looks like this:
This material was added to the full documentation as the topics Examples of service contract reports generated from a Ruleflow and Guidelines for REST/JSON Service Contracts