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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window : Format of output data

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Format of output data
Data in the Output pane is displayed in the same format as the Input. You can adjust settings for some preferences:
*Decimal scale - Default precision for Decimal values. All Decimal values are rounded to the specified number of decimal places. Default value is 6. For example, 4.6059556 will be rounded, displayed, and/or returned as 4.605957. In the file, set the Studio Test's decimal scale:
When set to 2, the rounded value is 4.61.
*Messaging Style - You can change the messaging style to force full-time hierarchical or flat Output, regardless of the Input structure.
In the file, set the Studio Test's XML messaging style:
*Hier (hierarchical)
The default value is Hier:
For more information about flat and hierarchical data formats, including examples, see the Integrating Decision Services chapter of the Server Integration & Deployment Guide.