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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window : Executing tests

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Executing tests
Before a Ruletest can be executed, the corresponding Rulesheets (whether being tested directly or as contained in Ruleflows) must be compiled. This compilation process does not occur until the Ruletest is run. Depending on how many Rulesheets and rules must be compiled, this compilation step may take a few seconds.
Each time a change is made to a rule in a Rulesheet referenced by the Ruletest, the rules will need to be re-compiled. This recompilation will occur automatically when Run Test is selected. This will cause a brief delay in execution while the new compilation is performed.
Once a Ruletest has been executed, it will rerun without recompiling as long as the rules have not changed since the last execution. Changing the Input test data does not require recompilation.
To compile rules without running them, a special Deploy toolbar option is provided: .
1. Execute the test by choosing Ruletest > Testsheet > Run Test or on the toolbar.
2. Check the outcome of the test in the Results panel.
3. Test results are displayed in regular type style. Parts of the test tree (nodes) modified by the Server are shown in bold black text. Any errors are shown in red.
4. Posted rule statements appear in the Rule Messages window at the bottom of the Testsheet. In addition to the Message and Severity columns, the box also displays the Entity node to which the rule statement has been posted. In the example above, the Rule Message displayed was posted, or linked to Cargo[1]. This means that it was the data contained in Cargo[1] which caused the rule corresponding to the posted Rule Statement to fire.
5. Make any necessary adjustments to the Rulesheet, save and re-test by repeating steps 1-5.