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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using Deployment Descriptors to deploy Decision Services : Example of a complete CDD file

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Example of a complete CDD file
The first Decision Service in this CDD shows all options and the second accepts all defaults.
<cdd soap_server_binding_url="http://localhost:8850/axis/services/Corticon">
value="true" />
value="1" />
value="HIER" />
value="R" >
value="ALL" />
value="../MyDBaccess.txt" />
value="true" />
value="true" />
value="true" />
value="true" />
value="true" />
In the Deployment Descriptor file shown above, note the following:
*There are two <decisionservice> sections, one for a pre-compiled Decision Service, and one for a Ruleflow.
*The first <decisionservice> specifies that it uses EDC database access by chosing the value R, the Read-Only setting, and the database related entities returned option, the option to enable database caching, and the location of the Database Access Properties file that defines the database connection.
Important: If you are using the bundled Progress Application Server to test and deploy your Ruleflows, copy the Deployment Descriptor file to the Corticon Server installation's [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\cdd directory. When Corticon Server starts, it reads all .cdd files in that default location.

Updating and extending older CDD files

If you have CDD files created in releases before 5.5.1, they will continue to perform and deploy as expected. You can use the Deployment Console to open such CDD files and the save them -- the CDD file is reformatted with all the options you had set. You can then edit the CDD in a text editor to add in properties that were not previously available through the Deployment Console.