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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Corticon API reference : REST Management API : Error handling in the REST Management API

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Error handling in the REST Management API

Error handling

Error handling is done through HTTP error codes and appropriate error objects.
Error Objects
A failed API call will place an object in the entity similar to this:
{"type" : The java type of the exception that was thrown to generate this error,
"parentError" : The nested error object that was the cause of thisexception
(This field is included only when this error has a nested error),
"message" : The message from this error code,
"stackTrace" : This array contains lines of a stacktrace, each will correspond
to a stackframe or an exception label if there are nested exceptions

Common error behavior
All REST urls defined have a common error behavior. An error response returned by the server consists of two parts:
1. A HTTP status code other than 200.
2. A JSON Object in the response payload containing the error property.
Common HTTP status codes
The server can return following codes:
*200 OK The request was processed successfully.
*400 Bad request An incorrect request.
*500 Internal Server Error The server encountered an error while processing the request.