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What's New in Corticon : What was new and changed in Corticon 5.7.1 : Enhancements to Learning Materials

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Enhancements to Learning Materials

The following changes to learning materials are worthy of note:
*Using Native Corticon Extensions in .NET - When creating extensions for .NET use cases, you might prefer to program a DLL in Microsoft Visual Studio to use exclusively on .NET servers. Extensions in .NET execution environments
*Improved REST calls - A JSON request message has a body that describes the parameters for handling the request payload, and the payload.
"name": "string",
"majorVersion": "string",
"minorVersion": "string",
"effectiveTimestamp": "string",
"Objects": [
See the following topic and related topics for more information: About creating a JSON request message for a Decision Service
*Checklist of steps in an upgrade - Installing a software upgrade calls for a review of related files and assets in your developmrnt and deployment environments. See Procedures for upgrading Corticon installations
*Undocumented Timezone formats - While not previously listed in the documentation, Corticon's support of Java time formats does include the general timezone symbol (z) as well as the RFC 822 time zone (Z), and ISO 8601 (X) formats. See Formatting Date, Time, and DateTime properties
Note: See Oracle's SimpleTimeFormat Javadocs for more detailed information.
*.NET Servers use - Placing a file adjacent to the axis.war file on a .NET server enables easy changes to properties.
*Tutorials updated to this release - All the Corticon online tutorials have been revised to bring them up to date and to reflect the very latest user interfaces and functionality. Watch for additional new tutorials in the coming months !