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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : About the sample projects referenced in this guide : Enabling Kerberos Authentication in Studio and Server

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Enabling Kerberos Authentication in Studio and Server

When your organization has established a Kerberos realm at a Datasource, you can enable your Studio and Server Windows installations to successfully connect using the Kerberos Authentication option instead of user credentials by enabling the AllowTgtSessionKey registry key, and then running Corticon as Administrator.
To enable the AllowTgtSessionKey registry key on Studio or Server:
1. Open regedit.exe, and then navigate to the node:
2. Right-click on Parameters, then choose New > DWORD, and name it AllowTgtSessionKey. Double-click on the new value name to enter the Value Data 1, and then click OK.
3. Restart the computer to allow the registry changes to take effect and to refresh the JVM.
To run Corticon Studio or Server as Administrator:
1. Locate the shortcut to Start Corticon Server or Start Corticon Studio.
2. Right-click, and then choose Run as Administrator.
Test the connection where the Datasource connection has elected to use Kerberos authentication in Studio or execute a request against a Corticon Server Decision Service.