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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Servers groups and Servers : Editing Server groups and Servers

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Editing Server groups and Servers
After adding a Server group or a server, you can change its configuration.
To edit a Server Group:
Select Edit on the server group's Details page to open its edit dialog box:
1. Edit the name and description as appropriate
2. Click + Add to add more servers.
3. Select a server to access its edit and delete functions. Edit lets you change the server information. Delete removes the server from the group and the Web Console. You are asked to decide whether to undeploy any Decision Services before deletion, and then confirm the deletion action:
Note that deleting a server from the Web Console does not stop or delete the actual running server instance; it just removes the registration of the server with the Web Console. The server continues to run and could be added back to the Web Console.
4. You can change other server properties that will apply to all servers in the group as illustrated on the right side of the dialog box: Log Level, Log Filters Accept, Monitoring, and License File.
To edit a Server:
Select Edit on the server's Details page to open its edit dialog box:
*Server hostname/IP address, port, and context URL
*Log level - The log level on the selected server. The default level is INFO. When you change the level and save the edits, it is immediately applied to that server without stopping and restarting the server. The logs promptly reflect the changed level of detail.
*Monitoring - Determines whether the statistics from this server are gathered by the Web Console and stored for later analysis.
*License File - Copies the selected CcLicense.jar (or its preferred name) from the machine where the browser is connected to the Web Console (or a network-accessible location) to the CcServerSandbox on the machine hosting this server.