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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Inside Corticon Server : Dynamic discovery of new or changed Decision Services

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Dynamic discovery of new or changed Decision Services

The location of the Deployment Descriptor file(s) is identified using the loadFromCdd() or loadFromCddDir() API methods, which may be included in a deployment wrapper class (Servlet, EJB, and similar) or directly invoked from a client. A Deployment Descriptor file, in turn, contains the location of each available Decision Service. As new Decision Services are added, the Corticon Server periodically checks to see if the Deployment Descriptor files have changed or if new ones have been added. If so, the Corticon Server updates the pool for the new or modified Decision Service(s).
To be precise: there are Intervals of time (ms) at which the Server checks for:
*Changes in any cdd loaded to the Server by a loadFromCdd or loadFromCddDir call
*Changes in any cdd file including new cdds within the directory of cdds from a loadFromCddDir call
*Changes in any of the Decision Services (EDS files) loaded to the server. This is done via a timestamp check
If any changes as described above are detected, the Server's state is dynamically updated to reflect the changes.
Default is 30000 (30 secs)
The maintenance thread that checks for these changes at the specified intervals can be shutdown and restarted using:
Alternatively, an API call to the Corticon Server can directly load new Decision Services (or sets of Decision Services).
Note: The dynamic update monitor starts automatically by default but can be shut off by setting the property com.corticon.ccserver.dynamicupdatemonitor.autoactivate to false in your file.