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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rule Projects : Downloading a Project from a deployed Decision Service

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Downloading a Project from a deployed Decision Service

The Studio's Download wizard lets you connect to a Corticon Server to download Decision Services to the Corticon Studio location, and then run them locally.
Note: A downloaded Decision Service is the collection of rule assets that comprise a Decision Service. It does not include the .eds file itself. A download will include its rule assets only if the property com.corticon.server.compile.add.ruleassets was set to true when the rule assets were compiled into the Decision Service file. Set this Server property on Studio and servers for consistent results. When you do download rule assets, they can be modified, and then redeployed (usually as a newer version number) to a Server as discussed in Using Studio to compile and deploy Decision Services
To download a Decision Service:
1. In Studio, select Project > Download.
2. Enter the Server URL of the Corticon server.
3. Enter Username and Password (Use the standard credentials admin and admin).
4. Click Test Connection.
*For successful connection, the system displays: Server connection test was successful.
*For invalid username or password, the system displays: User does not have rights to upload/download content to/from the server.
*For commonplace errors such as the server being down or unreachable, the system displays: Server connection test failed. Server may be off-line, unreachable, not listening on specified port, or incorrect Server URL, username, or password.
5. Click Next.
The available Decision Services are listed.
6. Select the Decision Service to be downloaded, as shown in Available Decision Services, and click Next.
Figure 259. Available Decision Services
7. Select the destination project or a folder, as shown in Download Destination for the Selected Decision Services, in which the Decision Service is to be downloaded and click Finish.
Figure 260. Download Destination for the Selected Decision Services
When you click Finish, the system downloads the specified Decision Services into the selected project or folder.