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What's New in Corticon : What was new and changed in Corticon 5.7 : Deprecated Features

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Deprecated Features

With the release of Corticon 5.7, we are announcing the deprecation of several features. These features will be removed in a future release of Corticon. If you use any of these features, you are encouraged to begin preparation to use the identified alternatives.
*CDD deployment of ERF files - Deployment of uncompiled ERF files to an application server places the requirement on the application server to compile the Ruleflow and associated Rulesheets into a deployable Decision Service. This places a significant load on the application server during compilation and is not supported on all application servers. The best practice is to deploy precompiled EDS files. This eliminates the need for the server to perform compilation and better fits into modern Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment practices. Recent Corticon features – such as the ability to export EDS files from Corticon Studio, and to perform compilation in build scripts such as ant -- provide flexible options for producing EDS files, eliminating the need for ERF deployment.
*Download of Decision Services - Corticon Studio retains a legacy capability to download a Decision Service from a Corticon Server. If the rule assets used to create the Decision Service were included in the deployed EDS for the Decision Service, this feature could be used to access the rule assets. The best practice for managing your rule assets is to store them in a source code control system such as SVN or Git. Corticon Studio now includes plugins for using both SVN and Git with your rule projects.
*SOAP Management API - Corticon Server has both SOAP and REST APIs for managing the Corticon Server. Given the prevalence of REST, no new additions were made to the SOAP APIs in Corticon 5.7. If you use the SOAP API to deploy or manage Decision Services, you will need to migrate to using the equivalent REST APIs. Note that the ability to execute a Decision Service with a SOAP request will not be removed -- only the management APIs are affected. Corticon Server’s REST APIs are accessible via Swagger on your deployed Corticon Server at http://localhost:8850/axis/swagger (use your appropriate host name and port number ).
*Deployment Console - The Corticon Deployment Console bundled with Corticon Server provides a GUI mechanism for creating CDD files, compiling Decision Services, and generating WSDL files for Decision Services. These tasks can each be performed in other ways. The CDD file format is a simple text file manifest describing a Decision Service. The most common practice is to copy a sample CDD file bundled with Corticon, and then make modifications to it in a text editor. The compiling of Decision Services can be achieved in a few ways -- export from Corticon Studio, bundled ant macros for scripted builds, and Corticon Server APIs. WSDLs are now generated and bundled with Decision Services on compilation. The WSDL for a Decision Service can be accessed via the Corticon Web Console or the Corticon Server REST API.