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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using Studio to compile and deploy Decision Services : Deploying Decision Services into Web Console Applications from Studio

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Deploying Decision Services into Web Console Applications from Studio
You can deploy from Studio to servers managed by a Web Console. While the Studio's Publish wizard enables compiling a Ruleflow into a Decision Service to be staged locally or deployed to a running Server, this feature enables deploying one or more Ruleflows into an Application on a Web Console server. Servers and server groups that are hosting the application immediately deploy (or redeploy) the Decision Services to all running servers.
To deploy Ruleflows in Corticon Studio as Decision Services on servers managed by the Web Console:
1. Confirm that the Web Console server you want to use is running. Also confirm that the servers that will run the deployed Decision Services are running.
2. In Corticon Studio, choose Project > Package and Deploy Decision Services:
When a project is selected or there is an active file in its editor, the Ruleflows of only that project will be listed. When no projects are selected and no files are in their editor, the Ruleflows of all projects in the workspace will be listed.
3. In the Package and Deploy Decision Services dialog, choose the deployment target Deploy to Corticon Web Console.
4. Click Next.
5. Enter the server connection URL with its port and /corticon, then the username and password for that Web Console. The administrative username is admin with the initial password admin.
The connection information is persisted locally, so that it can be offered for subsequent publishing to known Web Console locations.
6. Select whether to use an existing Application or to create a new one:
*To add to an existing Application, choose Add to Existing Application, select an Application on the pull-down list, and then click Next.
*To create a new Application, choose Create New Application, and then enter a new Application name and its description.
In the Server Group's dropdown menu, choose the server or server group that will host the Application, and then click Next.
7. The Decision Services panel opens:
Select the Ruleflows to deploy as Decision Services. You can edit the Decision Service Name to make it a distinct deployment even though the same Ruleflow Version might already be deployed under another name.
Note: When deploying EDC-enabled Decision Services you must set Database Mode to Read Only or Read/Update for the Decision Services to access the database once deployed.
When your selections are complete, click Finish.
The wizard then compiles the Ruleflows locally, creates a new Application (if required) on the Web Console, and then adds (or updates) the Decision Services in the Application. Then, the Application is updated automatically to deploy/update the Decision Services in Servers and all active server members in Server Groups hosting the Application.