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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Deploying a Ruleflow to the Corticon Server for .NET

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Deploying a Ruleflow to the Corticon Server for .NET

Just because Corticon Server for .NET has been installed does not mean it is ready to process transactions. It must still be loaded with one or more Ruleflows. Once a Ruleflow has been loaded, or deployed, to the Corticon Server we call it a Decision Service because it is a service ready and able to make decisions for any external application or process (client) that requests the service properly.
Loading the Corticon Server with Ruleflows can be accomplished in two ways:
*Deployment Descriptor files - This is the easiest method and the one we will use in this guide because it is also the method typically used in production web service deployments.
*.NET APIs - This method requires more knowledge of the Server for .NET API set, and is not discussed in this guide. For more information, see the topics in Packaging and deploying Decision Services .
Both methods are described more thoroughly in the Integration & Deployment Guide.
* Creating a Ruleflow for .NET server
* Creating and installing a .NET server Deployment Descriptor file