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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Getting Started with Multiple Database Connectivity : Define multiple table namespaces

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Define multiple table namespaces

Note: Using the sample: This sample uses two namespaces. If you completed Getting Started with EDC or Getting Started with ADC, you can just continue with its database, PatientRecords, as-is. You need to add another namespace, CMSDetail. If you choose to put one of these databases on another brand, you will need to use the brand's queries and data loaders supplied in Corticon Studio.
Set up your database product in a network-accessible location, and then define a database name. Note the database URL and port as well as the new database name. Be sure that your database will not deny connection using credentials -- for example, using SQL Server Authentication and not Windows Authentication. These parameters are all that is typically required to connect the Vocabulary to the database, create the schema for the persistent entities, and then bring the database metadata back to the Vocabulary.
If you want to use database installations on different machines, the database connections will handle the connection information.
Note: Refer to the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.7 - Supported Platforms Matrix to review the currently supported database brands and versions.