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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Decision Service versioning and effective dating : Invoking a Decision Service by date : Default behavior with no timestamp

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Default behavior with no timestamp
How does Corticon Server respond when no decisionServiceEffectiveTimestamp is specified in a request message? In this case, Corticon Server will assume that the value of decisionServiceEffectiveTimestamp is equal to the DateTime of invocation – the DateTime right now. Corticon Server then selects the Decision Service which is effective now. If more than one are effective then Corticon Server selects the Decision Service with the highest Major.Minor Version number (as we saw in the overlap example).
<CorticonRequest xmlns="urn:decision:tutorial_example"
<Person id="Person_id_2">
As expected, the current date (this document was drafted on 8/15/2013) was effective in all three versions. As such, the highest version applied and is noted in the reply:
<ns1:Messages version="3.0">