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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Decision Services and Applications

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Decision Services and Applications

Types of Decision Services

Many Decision Services might be deployed on a Corticon Server. There are two types of Decision Services from the point of view of the Web Console, based on how they were deployed:
*Managed Decision Services are those deployed through the Web Console. For managed Decision Services the Web Console has the EDS file, and can perform more management activities such as deploying it to additional Corticon Servers. Managed Decision Services can be:
*Added directly through the Web Console's Add Decision Service feature.
*Added directly from Corticon Studio using the Studio's Package and Deploy feature. Studio prompts for the Application where the Decision Service will be added, and the Server or Server Group where it will be deployed.
*Discovered Decision Services are those deployed not through the Web Console but through another means. The management operations the Web Console can perform on discovered Decision Services is limited so as not to conflict with how they were deployed. Discovered Decision Services could be:
*Decision Services packaged and deployed directly from Corticon Studio or any of the deployment tools.
*These are Decision Services deployed through Corticon Deployment Descriptors (CDDs) -- text-based files that specify a Decision Service to be deployed and its deployment properties. CDD files are automatically loaded by the Corticon Server.
In most deployments, you will likely use either managed or unmanaged Decision Services. The approach you take for deployment and management depends on your needs.

How Decision Service types are displayed

When you deploy Corticon rules through CDD files, your unmanaged Decision Services are discovered, as shown:
When you deploy Decision Services through the Web Console, they are shown as managed:
When you use applications to group your Decision Services, each managed Application lists its Decision Services:

Opening the Decision Services and Applications page

1. Connect to the Web Console server where you manage Decision Services.
2. Click the Decision Services icon:
The Decision Services page shows all the types of Decision Services on the managed servers, as illustrated:
* Using Applications
* Add or Edit a Decision Service
* Undeploy a Decision Service on a Server
* Decision Service General Information
* Decision Service Details
* Application Details
* Test Execution
* Monitored Attributes