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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window : Populating the input panel : Creating associations in the test tree

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Creating associations in the test tree
Creating an association adds an instance of the selected entity in the Testsheet, but this is different from creating an instance of a root-level entity by itself (without forming the association to the parent entity). An association creates a link between entities; if this did not exist, there would be no direct relationship between them.
To create an association:
1. Drag and drop the association  for the specified child entity directly on top of the parent entity, as indicated by the orange line in this illustration, from the Rule Vocabulary window into the Input panel.
2. Verify that the child entity has the appropriate indented structure underneath the parent entity, indicating the association has been created correctly.
Important: Be careful to follow precisely the orange line in these illustrations, which shows that the association must be dragged from the Vocabulary and dropped directly onto the yellow entity icon to which it is being associated. Dropping the association on an empty or incorrect portion of the Testsheet will produce a message informing you that the association request was ignored.