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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Deploying a Ruleflow to the Corticon Server for .NET : Creating and installing a .NET server Deployment Descriptor file

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Creating and installing a .NET server Deployment Descriptor file

A Deployment Descriptor file tells the Corticon Server for .NET which Ruleflows to load and how to handle transaction requests for those Ruleflows. A Deployment Descriptor file has the suffix .cdd, and we will often simply refer to it as a .cdd file.
Important: The.cdd file points at the Ruleflow via a path name – it is important that this path not contain space characters. For example, a Ruleflow stored in My Documents cannot be referenced by a Deployment Descriptor file because its path contains a space. Even though the default storage location for your Ruleflow files is inside a Corticon Studio installation's [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\Samples\Rule Projects\Tutorial\Tutorial-Done (which contains a space), we avoid the problem by substituting ../../ as a relative reference to the directory structure.
Deployment Descriptors are easily created using the Deployment Console, which is installed by the Server installer.
* Using the .NET Server's Deployment Console Decision Services
* Installing the Deployment Descriptor file on .NET server
* Hot re-deploying .NET server Deployment Descriptor files and Ruleflows