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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Consuming a Decision Service on .NET server : Path 3: Using SOAP client to consume a Decision Service : Creating a service contract using the Deployment Console

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Creating a service contract using the Deployment Console
Launch the Deployment Console as before and follow the instructions below to generate a service contract. All Deployment Console options below are also described in more detail in the Server Integration & Deployment Guide.
1. Decision Service Level / Vocabulary Level. These radio buttons determine whether one service contract is generated per listed Ruleflow, or if a single master service contract is generated from the entire Vocabulary. A Decision Service-level service contract is usable only for a specific Decision Service, whereas a Vocabulary-level service contract can be used for all Decision Services that were built using that Vocabulary. Choose the option that is most compatible with your SOAP tool.
2. Vocabulary File. If generating a Vocabulary-level service contract, enter the Vocabulary file name (.ecore) here. If generating a Decision Service-level contract, this field is read-only and shows the Vocabulary associated with the currently highlighted Ruleflow row above.
3. Type. This is the service contract type: WSDL, XML Schema, or Java classes. Note, no output is produced when Java classes is selected because there is no standard method for describing service contracts in the Java world.
4. Output directory. The location where you want the Deployment Console to save this service contract.
5. XML Messaging Style. Enabled only for Vocabulary-level service contracts. Describes the message style, flat or hierarchical, in which the WSDL will be structured.
6. SOAP Server URL. URL for the SOAP node that is bound to the Corticon Server. Enabled for WSDL service contracts only. The default URLs http://localhost:8850/axis/services/Corticon and https://localhost:8851/axis/services/Corticon make a Decision Service available to the default Corticon Server installation performed earlier. Note: These URLs can be changed and additional URLs can be added to the drop-down list.
7. Generate Service Contracts. Use this button to generate either the WSDL or XML Schema service contracts into the output directory. If you select Decision Service-level contracts, one service contract per Ruleflow listed at top will be created. If you select Vocabulary-level, only one contract is created per Vocabulary file.