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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window : Creating a sequential test using multiple testsheets

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Creating a sequential test using multiple testsheets
1. Multiple Ruleflows may be tested in an integrated scenario by linking them together in a single Ruletest. This simulates a complex series of decisions or a part of a business process.
Note: Rulesheets may also be linked together like this, but Ruleflows are more commonly used to test sequences of Rulesheets.
2. Assume we want to test three Ruleflows (named Cargo, Cargo2 and Cargo3) in sequence.
3. Create a new Ruletest as before and link it to Ruleflow cargo.erf as usual.
4. Execute the Ruletest to generate data in the Output panel.
5. Add a new Testsheet using and link it to Ruleflow cargo2.erf.
6. Link this new Testsheet to the previous Testsheet using . The data from the Output panel of the previous Testsheet should appear in the Input panel of the new Testsheet.
7. Repeat for as many new Testsheets as needed to model the sequence. You can execute one sheet at a time by selecting from the toolbar, or execute all at once by selecting Ruletest > Run All Tests from the menubar