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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruleflows : Creating a Ruleflow

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Creating a Ruleflow

Follow these steps to create a new Ruleflow:
1. Choose File > New > Ruleflow from the menubar or click the down arrow next to the New icon on the toolbar and select Ruleflow. Either method will launch the Create a New Ruleflow wizard.
2. On the Project list, select the Project you want to associate with the new Ruleflow (or enter it manually in the Enter or select parent folder entry area.
3. Enter a file name for the Ruleflow in the File name entry area.
Note: The Advanced options are not relevant to Corticon and should not be used.
4. Click Next to continue.
Note: The dialog only lists the Vocabularies for the parent project. This prevents you from creating cross-project assets. Do not create cross-project assets.
5. Select the Vocabulary with which you want to associate the Ruleflow. A Ruleflow can only be associated with one Vocabulary. Here, we simply expand the Tutorial folder and highlight the Cargo.ecore file. As you create additional Vocabulary files within a Project they become available for selection from this list for use with this or other Ruleflows that you create.
6. Your new Ruleflow is now displayed in the Rule Project Explorer window (A) and in a new Ruleflow window with tab of the given name (B).
The Ruleflow menubar and toolbar are displayed instead of the Vocabulary menubar and toolbar. You are now ready to begin modeling your sequence of Rulesheets.