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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Rule Projects : Creating a Rule Project

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Creating a Rule Project

Follow these steps to create a new Rule Project:
1. Do one of the following:
*Select File > New > Rule Project from the menubar
*Click the down arrow to the right of the New icon  on the toolbar and select Rule Project.
*Right-click in the Project Explorer to open its menu, and then choose New > Project.
These techniques all launch the same New Project wizard, as shown:
Make sure the Use default location checkbox is checked and enter a name for your project in the Project name field. Notice that the path to your new Rule Project is automatically appended to Corticon Studio's default workspace folder to define its Location. Click Finish to create your new Rule Project.
You can also choose to create your new Project in a different Workspace by using the Browse… button to locate and select it.