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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Creating a new Ruletest

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Creating a new Ruletest

1. In Studio's menu, choose File > New > Ruletest, or click the tool button , to open the Create New Ruletest dialog box.
2. Select the parent folder for the new Ruletest, in our example Tutorial/Tutorial-Done
3. Enter a file name for the new Ruletest, in our example myTutorialRuletest.
Note: The Advanced options are not relevant to Corticon and should not be used.
4. You can simply click Finish to accept the first Rulesheet or Ruleflow in the folder as the test subject. If you click Next, the Select Test Subject panel opens on its Run against Studio tab, as shown:Choose the Rulesheet or Ruleflow file in the project that you want as the test subject, and then click Finish
Note: The dialog lists only the Rulesheet and Ruleflows in the parent project to ensure that you do not attempt to create cross-project assets.
You can later change a testsheet's test subject to run against another Rulesheet or Ruleflow file in the same project file in Corticon Studio, or against an appropriate Decision Service deployed on a Corticon Server, as discussed in the following topics.
Note: You can also directly edit the test subject path on the testsheet. This feature, typically reserved for advanced users, will reject an invalid file but might not catch all the subtleties of the validation in the Select Test Subject dialog.
The Ruletest file opens in its editor with an initial Testsheet tab, untitled_1 assigned to the selected test subject, as illustrated: You can double-click on the Testsheet's tab to rename it.
Note: For more about Testsheet tabs, see Adding Testsheets and Renaming Testsheets
* Choosing a test subject in the Studio workspace
* Choosing a test subject that is a deployed Decision Service