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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Inside Corticon Server : State : Corticon Server state

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Corticon Server state
Although data state is not maintained by Reactors from transaction-to-transaction, the names and deployment settings of Decision Services deployed to Corticon Server are maintained. The file ServerState.xml, located in [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\{INP|SER}\CcServerSandbox\DoNotDelete, maintains a record of the Ruleflows and deployment settings currently loaded on Corticon Server. If Corticon Server inadvertently shuts down, or the container crashes, then this file is read upon restart and the prior Server state is re-established automatically.
A new API method initializes Corticon Server and forces it to read the ServerState.xml file. If the file cannot be found, then Corticon Server initializes in an empty (unloaded) state, and will await new deployments. Initialize() need only be called once per Server session - subsequent calls in the same session will be ignored. If other APIs are called prior to calling initialize(), Corticon Server will call initialize() itself first before continuing.
* Turning off server state persistence