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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Corticon Java Server files and API tools

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Corticon Java Server files and API tools

Corticon Server for deploying web services with Java facilitates deployment on supported Windows operating systems. This guide describes various deployment technologies and strategies.
Note: When production systems are created, the skills and technologies you have learned on a Windows-based installation using the default application server will transfer readily to supported UNIX/Linux platforms and brands of Application Servers. Download packages at Progress Electronic Download and instructions in the Progress Corticon KnowledgeBase provide detailed configuration instructions.
This guide will first deploy a Ruleflow to the Java server as a Decision Service, then consume that Decision Service with various manual, SOAP/XML, and JSON/RESTful techniques.
But before exploring these features, you should become acquainted with some of the Corticon Server for .NET files and API tools.
* Basic server classes
* Setting up Corticon Server use cases
* The Corticon home and work directories
* The Corticon Server Sandbox
* Testing the installed Corticon Server