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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : Administrator's Guide : Configuring the Activity Log

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Configuring the Activity Log

Corticon Web Console maintains a log of its activities. The log includes:
*User actions such as deploying or undeploying Decision Services and creating or modifying Applications and Servers.
*System events such as deployment failures and lost connections to Servers.
A Web Console Administrator can view the Activity Log as well as configure the duration for which Corticon Web Console maintains log records. To view the Activity Log, click ACTIVITY LOG on the left pane. To configure the duration for which Web Console keeps log records, click Configuration on the Activity Log page and set the number of days for which Web Console maintains log records.
To know more about viewing and filtering the Activity Log, see the topic Viewing the Activity Log.
Note: The Web Console Activity Log is different from a Server log, which logs user actions, system events, and other information for a specific instance of Corticon Server based on configurable log levels.