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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Using Corticon Server logs : Changing logging configuration : Configuring log files

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Configuring log files
The files that record log entries can be relocated, created for each Decision Service, and archived for a specified number of cycles.

Log path

All log files are placed in a common location:
The target folder can be changed to a preferred network-accessible location by uncommenting the line # logpath= in, and then entering your location as the value. For example, on Windows::
If the folder structure does not exist, it will be created. You must use forward slashes as the separator; if you do not, the level preceding a backslash and all lower levels will be ignored.
Note: The logpath can be changed using the method ICcServer.setLogPath(String).

Log for each Decision Service

com.corticon.server.execution.logPerDS - This property enables the sifting of the logs into execution log files specific to each Decision Service. Default value is false.
The default logging approach is a single log for a running server. In server deployments, you can choose to maintain a log for each Decision Service. When Decision Service logging is enabled, log entries specific to a Decision Service are written only to that Decision Service's log file. Edit the file to uncomment the following property and set it to true:
When you save the file and restart the server, every transaction specific to a Decision Service is recorded in a file in the logs directory with the name pattern Corticon-DSname.log.

Archiving log histories

Logs 'rollover' on regular basis, compressing each current .log file at the log path -- the general log and every Decision Service log -- into a separate dated archive. The default action is to do this. If you decide that you do not want to rollover or archive logs, uncomment the line # logDailyRollover in, and then set the value to false.
When log rollover is in effect, the logRolloverMaxHistory setting specifies the number of rollover logs to keep. (If the server is not always running or has low traffic, this might not be a number of days). The default is five archives. You can set your preferred number of archives by uncommenting the line # logRolloverMaxHistory= in, and then entering your preferred positive integer value. For example: