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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Configuring Corticon properties and settings

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Configuring Corticon properties and settings

Corticon provides properties that specify property names and default values of user-configurable behaviors in Corticon Studio and Corticon Servers.
The settings file is installed at the root of [CORTICON_WORK_DIR] for each Studio and Server installation. If you install Studio and Server on one machine and accept the default colocating paths, one file is installed to be shared by Studio and Server:

About the file

*It is good practice to back up the file before you start to make changes.
*When installed separately, the Studio and Server files are identical.
*If you delete the file, it does not get recreated at restart. However, as these are overrides to default properties, there is no loss of features or functionality when the file is not present.
*In the absence of a file, you can simply list property settings in a text file, and then save it to its proper location as
*An update of the installation will preserve a modified file, and will add the default file if none is present.

Enabling settings listed in the default file

The file lists properties that users commonly want to change. Each group of properties provides descriptive comments and the commented default name=value pair.
To specify a preferred value for a listed property, edit the file, remove the # from the beginning of a property's line, and then add your preferred value after the equals sign. For example, to express a preference for decimal values displayed and rounded to two places instead of the six places preset for this property, locate the line:
and then change it to

Adding unlisted settings to file

Some locations in the documentation tell you about other property settings that you might want to add to the settings file. Or you might be directed by technical support or your Progress representative to add or change settings to provide certain behaviors or functions.
For example, to change interval of diagnostic readings from five minutes to two minutes, add the following line to the file -- it does not matter where in the file as long as it is on a separate line:
If you add the same property more than once in the settings file, the last instance takes precedence.

Saving and applying the revised property settings

When your changes are complete, you can choose to save the settings file with its default name and location, but you could save a copy with a useful name, such as
*Server - Requires the file name located at its default location. You can copy an alternative properties file to rename it, and then paste into the standard location with the expected name.
*Studio - You can save multiple settings files, and then use Studio's Preferences to specify the Override Properties File for the to use, as illustrated:
For the revised settings to take effect, save the edited file, and then restart the Corticon Studio and Corticon Servers.
Note: Property settings you list in your replace corresponding properties that have default settings. They do not append to an existing list. For example, if you want to add a new DateTime mask to the built-in list, be sure to include all the masks you intend to use, not just the new one. If your file contains only the new mask, then it will be the only mask Corticon uses.
Note: Adminstrative APIs for certain transient property settings - A running instance of Corticon Server can modify certain properties through API method calls, as discussed in the Administrative API section. While settings in persist across Corticon Server sessions, changes applied through APIs only remain in effect for that Corticon Server session. When Corticon Server starts a new session, it will use its default settings and apply the file.