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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Advanced ADC Topics : Configuring ADC : Configuring batch

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Configuring batch
The database schema that Batch configurations uses is illustrated in the following diagram.
Figure 373. Database Schema for Corticon Batch Reads
Note: The schema notes in the following tables are brief. For more details about a column name, see Configuration details
The CORTICON_BATCH_READ table describes a batch query.
Column Name : DataType
ID : Integer
The Primary Key for the Table.
NAME : String
The name of this batch read operation.
SQL : String
The SQL statement that is a batch operation associated with this Decision Service.
PRIMARY_ENTITY : String (required)
The Corticon Entity to which the SQL statement will map.
ENABLE : String (true or false)
Suppresses or allows the BATCH_READ to execute. If this value is null or any value other than false, the default value is true.
Note: For more about the format of Corticon's queries, see How Corticon is expressed in SQL.