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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Advanced EDC Topics : Relational database concepts in the Enterprise Data Connector (EDC) : Conditional entities

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Conditional entities
Although all database properties will unconditionally be displayed, their applicability and enablement is often dependent upon the values of other properties.
Universally, EDC properties are applicable only for entities whose Datastore Persistent flags are set to Yes. For entities that are not datastore-persistent, all EDC properties for that entity, including EDC properties belonging to the entity’s attributes and associations, will be disabled.
For datastore-persistent entities, fields that are applicable will be enabled and editable, while fields that are not applicable will be disabled and will have a light-gray background. The applicability of fields will change dynamically based on the values of other fields.
Generally, fields which are not applicable in a given context will be disabled; however, any values that were previously entered into those fields will be preserved notwithstanding their lack of applicability, even if the field itself is disabled. Specific rules governing applicability are detailed in Entity Properties, Attribute Properties and Association Properties below.