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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Conceptual overview of the Java server

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Conceptual overview of the Java server

This guide is a walkthrough of fundamental concepts and functions of Corticon Server for Java. The examples focus on the default Corticon Server, the Progress Application Server (PAS) from Progress Software. The Progress Application Server is a platform that provides Web server support for Progress applications. Progress applications are packaged as Web application archives (WAR files) and deployed to the Java Servlet Container of a running instance of PAS.
The foundation of PAS is Apache Tomcat (see, a Web server that includes a Java servlet container for hosting Web applications. The Apache Tomcat that you can download from the Apache Software Foundation is tailored primarily as a development server for testing, validating and debugging Web applications. PAS is tailored primarily as a production server for deploying Progress web applications.
* What is a web service?
* What is a Decision Service?
* What is the Corticon Server for Java?
* What is a web services consumer?