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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Integrating Corticon Decision Services : Components of a call to Corticon Server

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Components of a call to Corticon Server

Before going any further, let's clarify what calling a Decision Service really means. Technically, we will be making an execute call to, or invocation of, Corticon Server. The call/invocation/request (we will use these three terms interchangeably) consists of:
*The name and location (URL) of the Corticon Server we want to call.
*The name of the Decision Service we want Corticon Server to execute.
*The data needed by Corticon Server to process the rules inside the Decision Service, structured in a way Corticon Server can understand. We often call this the payload.
The name and location of Corticon Server we want to call will be discussed in the Invocation chapter, since this information is concerned more with protocol than with content.  The focus of this chapter will be on the other two items, Decision Service Name and data payload.
* The Decision Service Name
* The Data