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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Components in a Corticon deployment

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Components in a Corticon deployment

The components that you work with in the Web Console are:
*Decision Services - The Corticon Decision Services added to the Web Console. A Decision Service is a set of Corticon rules and supporting assets packaged for deployment.
*Applications - Collections of one or more Decision Services to be managed as set. For example, a set of Decision Services in support of a business process that you want to deploy or monitor as a whole.
*Servers - Individual instances of Corticon Java or .NET Servers that have been registered with the Web Console. Once registered, the servers are available for deploymentr of Decision Services.
*Server Groups - Groups of one more Servers. Server Groups are useful when you want to deploy Decision Services to a set of Servers. For example, a set of Servers behind a load balancer, or in a regional location.
*Users - Defined users who can use the Web Console to administer a Corticon deployment.
*Activity Logs - Record of user actions in the Web Console and other asynchronous events such as a server going offline.

Sorting and filtering components

In the pages that list Servers, Decision Services, and Users, you can readily adjust the column sizes and display as well as sort and filter which lines qualify for display by clicking on a column header, as illustrated: