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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Corticon Java Server files and API tools : Basic server classes

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Basic server classes

At its most basic level, Corticon Server is simply a set of Java classes, packaged in Java archive, or .jar, files. The minimum set of jars needed to deploy and call Corticon Server is listed below:
*CcServer.jar – The main Corticon Server JAR, containing the core engine logic.
*CcConfig.jar – Contains a set of text .property files that list and set all the configuration properties needed by Corticon Server. These properties pages are not intended for user access. Instead, the file, installed by every product at the root of [CORTICON_WORK_DIR], enables you to add your override settings to be applied after the default settings have been loaded.
*CcLicense.jar – An encrypted file containing the licensing information required to activate Corticon Server.
*CcThirdPartyJars.jar – Contains third-party software such as XML parsers and JDOM. Corticon warrants Corticon Server operation ONLY with the specific set of classes inside this jar.
*CcI18nBundles.jar – Contains the English and other language templates used by Corticon Server.
*ant-launcher.jar – Supports Corticon Server's deployment-time Decision Service compilation capability
*CcExtensions.jarOptional. – Necessary only if you have added new rule language operators as Extended Operators. (See the Rule Language Guide for details.)