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Corticon Studio: Rule Language Guide : Introduction to Corticon Rule Language : Basic data types

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Basic data types

The proper expression and execution of rules in Corticon Studio is dependent on the type of data involved. Each attribute in the Corticon Studio Business Vocabulary has a data type, meaning that it has restrictions on the type of data it may contain. Corticon standard data types as listed and described in the following table:
Data Type
Any combination of alphanumeric characters, of any length
A whole number, including zero and negative numbers, of any length
A number containing a decimal point, including zero and negative numbers, of any length
Values are true and false. T and F may also be used.
Values must be entered for both date and time.
A value with only date information. No Time information is allowed.
Value with only time information. No Date information is allowed.
In this guide, the data types Integer and Decimal are often referred to by the generic term <Number>. Wherever <Number> is used, either Integer or Decimal data types may be used.
Syntax such as <DateTime> indicates that data must conform to the data type shown in angle brackets (<..>). For this example, you might enter 9/13/2013 2:00:00 PM EST. Do not type the angle brackets themselves.
See Formatting Date, Time, and DateTime properties for further details on formatting DateTime, Date, and Time information.