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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Ruletests : Ruletest window : Populating the input panel : Automatically generating a test tree

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Automatically generating a test tree
When creating a Ruletest, it is important to provide the input data required by the Rulesheet being tested. Without the necessary input data, the rules cannot create the expected output.
Creating a test tree manually can be tedious for very large Rulesheet test subjects.  Corticon Studio provides a way to simplify and speed up the process.
Generate Test Tree is an option in Corticon Studio menu Ruletest > Testsheet > Data > Input that automatically analyzes the Vocabulary terms used by the Rulesheet and generates the corresponding tree structure in the Input pane of the Testsheet. The input of specific data values for the attributes still must be performed manually, but the tree structure is created automatically.
When a Vocabulary association between two entities is one-to-many, then the Generate Test Tree feature will create 2 instances (copies) in the tree. You can add more to test a larger collection, or delete them to test a smaller collection. You can always edit the resulting test tree by adding or removing terms.