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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Logical analysis and optimization : Validating and testing Rulesheets in Corticon Studio : The completeness checker : Automatic Compression of the New Columns

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Automatic Compression of the New Columns
Another important aspect of the Completeness Checker's operation is the automatic compression it performs on the resulting set of missing Conditions. As we see from the message displayed in Completeness Check Message Window, the algorithm not only identifies the missing rules, but it also compresses them into non-overlapping columns. Two important points about this statement:
1. The compression performed by the Completeness Checker is a different kind of compression from that performed by the Compression Tool introduced in the Optimization section of this chapter. The optimized columns produced by the Completeness Check contain no redundant sub-rules (that's what non-overlapping means), whereas the Compression Tool will intentionally inject redundant sub-rules in order to create dashes wherever possible. This creates the optimal visual representation of the rules.
2. The compression performed here is designed to reduce the results set (which could be extremely large) into a manageable number while simultaneously introducing no ambiguities into the Rulesheet (which might arise due to redundant sub-rules being assigned different Actions).