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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Corticon API reference : REST Management API : Summary of REST methods for management of Decision Services : API Get Server Log

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API Get Server Log
Returns the server log entries after the specified timestamp. The request will be a HTTP get request with the parameters passed in the header.
The response object is formatted as follows:
"logEntries": [ <Array of log entry objects>
"timestamp": <Log entry timestamp in milliseconds>,
"loglevel": <Log entry log level>,
"logger": <Name of the logger that this entry was logged with>,
"marker": <Log marker associated with this log entry>,
"message": <Message that was logged in this entry>,
"throwable": <OPTIONAL, throwable object associated with this (if applicable)>

If the server encounters an error unrelated to the property value, then a standard error response is provided.
Success status code: 200 OK
Error status codes: 500 Internal Server Error