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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Corticon API reference : REST Management API : Summary of REST methods for management of Decision Services : API Deploy Decision Service

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API Deploy Decision Service
Attempts to add a Decision Service to the server. Request objects are sent as the content and are formatted as follows:
Note: Some items use files encoded in Base64. See the section "Base64 Encoded Files" in the overview topic, REST Management API, for more information.
"edsFile" : <Base64 Encoded binary of the eds file>,
"edsFileName" : <The name of the eds file that is being uploaded, OPTIONAL>,
"serviceName" : <The name of the Decision Service that is being sent to the server>,
"minSize" : <The minimum server pool size DEPRECATED>,
"maxSize" : <The maximum server pool size>,
"msgStyle" : <The XML message style to be used for this Decision Service>,
"dbAccessMode" : <The database access mode, OPTIONAL>,
"dbReturnMode" : <The database access Entities Return mode, OPTIONAL>,
"dbPropFile" : <Base64 Encoded binary of the database properties file, OPTIONAL>,
"dbPropFileName" : <The name of the eds properties file, OPTIONAL>
Responses are formatted as follows:
"decisionService" : <This is present if the request completed successfully>
"name" : <Name of the Decision Service that was just successfully deployed>,
"majorVersion" : <The major version number of the Decision Service deployed>,
"minorVersion" : <The minor version number of the Decision Service deployed>
"error" : <This object will only be present if the response was not "OK">
Success status codes:
*200 OK
Error status codes:
*400 Bad Request
*500 Internal Server Error