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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Troubleshooting Rulesheets and Ruleflows : Using Corticon Studio to reproduce the behavior : Analyzing Ruletest results

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Analyzing Ruletest results
This section assumes:
*Your Ruletest produced none of the errors listed above, or
*You or Corticon Technical Support identified workarounds that overcame these errors
Does the Rulesheet produce the expected test results? In other words, does the actual output match the expected output?
*If so, and you were using the same scenario that caused the original problem, then the problem is not with the rules or with Studio, but instead with the data integration or Corticon Server deployment.
The Corticon Server log captures errors and exceptions caused by certain rule and request errors. These log messages are detailed in the Using Corticon Server logs .
*If not, the problem is with the rules themselves. Continue in this section.