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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Using Progress Corticon Studio : Alternate settings for Corticon Studio properties

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Alternate settings for Corticon Studio properties

Corticon changes many behaviors based on properties that you can customize in [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]/ Studio enables you to specify variations of this file that you can locate and name as suits you.

Using an alternate location and name for the Studio's properties file

You can choose to point Corticon Studio to a preferred location or name of the file.
To set an alternate location of the properties settings file in Studio:
1. The file must exist before you can point to it. You can copy the default file located at the Server's installation root, or you can just create a new file and give it your preferred name, such as Save the file at your preferred location, such as C:\preferences\.
2. In Studio, choose Window > Preferences, and then click on Progress Corticon.
3. Enter or browse to the override properties file you created, as shown:
After editing and saving your overrides file, restart Corticon components for their changes to take effect. The properties in these files are described in detail in the following topics. When Corticon starts up, it will apply your properties file with your settings.
For more information, see the topic Configuring Corticon properties and settings