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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : Administrator's Guide

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Administrator's Guide

Architecture Overview - The Web Console is a separate web application (corticon.war) from the Corticon Server (axis.war), deployable to either the same or separate application server as the Corticon Server.
When managing a group of Corticon Servers the recommended practice is to deploy the Web Console to a separate application server as depicted in this diagram:
Figure 374. Architecture of the Corticon Web Console
Key aspects of this diagram:
*There is a single application server hosting the Web Console and three application servers hosting Corticon Servers. The Web Console is agnostic to the application server hosting a Corticon Server, this includes a mix of Java and Corticon Server for .NETs.
*REST/JSON is used for communication between the browser and the Web Console and between the Web Console and the Corticon Server.
*The Web Console stores all configurations locally. This includes definition of server groups, applications, and Decision Services (including the EDS file).
*The Web Console stores historical metrics locally. A retention policy will be supported for determining how long to keep historical metrics.
The Corticon Java and Corticon Server for .NET installers are in one installer, together with the new Web Console. See the Corticon Installation Guide for more information. See the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.7 - Supported Platforms Matrix to review the currently supported browsers, platforms and application servers.
* User management
* Configuring the Activity Log
* Configuring auto logout
* Resetting the administrator password