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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Servers groups and Servers : Adding Server groups and Servers

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Adding Server groups and Servers
As Corticon Servers are the deployment platform that runs Corticon Decision Services, your Web Console requires that you have one or more Corticon Servers under management so that can you deploy Decision Services and Applications. You can create Server Groups to enable common distribution of Decision Services to all servers in the group, and immediate provisioning of new servers added to the group.
Note: When you first start the Web Console in a new installation, no servers are under management unless you installed both Corticon Server for Java and Corticon Web Console. In that case, the Corticon Server is, by default, brought under management in the Web Console as the server localhost.
To add servers and server groups:
1. Connect to the Web Console server where you want to add servers and server groups.
2. Click the Servers icon:
3. Click + Add Server:
4. In the Add Server dialog box, choose whether to add a single server or a server group:
5. Click OK.
6. There a few ways to add servers. The following entries are common Server information to each of them:
*Protocol: Default is HTTP. You can choose HTTPS, if this server has enabled it.
*Hostname: Enter the DNS-resolvable name or static IP address (avoid localhost and
*Port: 8850 is the default HTTP port, 8851 for HTTPS, 80 typically on IIS
*Context URL: The default is axis
*Server Requires Authentication: When authentication has been enabled on a server, choose this option, and then supply the user name and password for the Web Console to use to establish a connection to the server.
Note: In addition, the default context URL, axis, can be replaced with a preferred context URL, such as CorticonProduction. This functionality -- renaming a default axis.war file to a preferred .war name -- enables multiple server deployments to use the same host port and supporting resources.

Adding a single Corticon Server

If you choose Add a single Corticon Server, the following dialog box opens:
Enter the name you want to describe this server, and a description. Then enter then the server information. Click Save when your entries are complete.

Adding a Corticon Server to a new Server Group

If you choose Create a Server Group and add Servers to it, the following dialog box opens:
Enter the group name and a description, then click + Add to open the following dialog box:
Enter then the server information. Click Add when your entries are complete.
If you want to add more servers at this time, click + Add and follow the steps.
When your new server group is complete, click Save.

Adding a Corticon Server to an existing group

When you choose Add a single Corticon Server, the Add Server dialog box provides a way to add the server to an existing group:
Click Select Server Group to choose a group, and then enter the server information. When your new server and its group assignment are complete, click Save.
Note: Adding a server -- individually or within a group -- as localhost might seem practical during evaluation and testing, but when you access Web Console from a remote machine that has a server installation that you want to add, you might find that references to localhost are distracting as it is not this localhost. It is a good practice to always use DNS-resolvable hostnames or static IP addresses.