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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Batch Configurations : Adding Batch Configurations

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Adding Batch Configurations
To add batch configurations:
1. Connect to the Web Console server where you maintain batch configurations.
2. Click the Batch configurations icon:
3. Click + New Batch Configuration:
4. The New Batch Configuration dialog box opens:
*Name - Unique text that you want to use to refer to this configuration
*Description - Optional supporting text for the configuration
*Decision Service - List of managed, deployed Decision Services that have at least one component that has batch queries in its connected database.
*Datasource - The name of the database connection that the Decision Service uses. This is name assigned to the Datasource in the Vocabulary.
For example, in an export configuration file named myConfig.xml where the first few lines are...
<database useForQueryService="true" name="Patient Data">
…the Datasource value is Patient Data.
*Query - The name of the batch query stored in one of the Decision Service's connected databases
5. Click to access the Advanced Properties tab:
*Number of ID's per Fetch - Number of Ids that will be retrieved by each Database Fetch. Default value is 1000.
*Entities per Payload - Number of entities that will be added to each payload sent to the Corticon Server execute method. Default value is 1.
*Number of Processing Threads - The number of execution threads the Corticon Server will spawn when executing the batch. The Default value is the number of cores on the Corticon Server's machine.
*Log Path - The folder that will store the logs produced for this batch configuration on the server that runs the batch process. Default location is [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\logs\ .
The log file name is set as DecisionServiceName(Version)_Threads_Timestamp.log. For example, PatientUpdate(1.2)_4_1515014748084.log
*Logging enabled checkbox - To the right of the Log Path entry, the checkbox lets you decide whether to do logging for this batch configuration.
6. Click to access the Schedule tab:
*Enabled - Chooses to repeat the batch process with the frequency you specify.
*Choose Frequency:
*minute - Once every minute.
*hour - At specified minute past every hour.
*day - At the specified time of every day.
*week - At specified week day at the specified time of that day.
*month - At specified day every month at the specified time of that day.
*year - At specified day and month every year at the specified time of that day.
On most of the frequency options, you can use Control+click to choose multiple values, as illustrated:
7. Click Save.