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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : About Corticon's Web Console

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About Corticon's Web Console

Corticon's Web Console provides a central point for administering and monitoring your Java and .NET Corticon Decision Services. Through the console you can easily deploy individual Decision Services to one or more Corticon Servers. You can also group related Decision Services into an Application to deploy and manage them as one. Once deployed, you can easily monitor the performance of the Decision Services and Corticon Servers and view both individual and aggregated metrics. Actions on Decision Services associated with a Server Group are automatically applied to each server member of the group that is running. For example, if you have a Decision Service managed by an Application which is deployed to a Server Group and add another server to the group, the Decision Service will be automatically deployed to the new server. This helps you scale up or scale down the servers in a deployment to meet demand.
The Web Console is a web application that can be installed in the same application server as the Corticon Server for single-server environments or installed separately for multiple-server environments. The choice is yours, depending on the nature of your Corticon deployment. The Web Console maintains configuration information and historical metrics in a local data store. The historical metrics let you see changes in the performance of your Decision Services and Corticon Servers over time.
Corticon's Windows Start menu provides shortcut to Start Corticon Server. When the Web Console is installed standalone, this starts just the Web Console. When the Web Console is installed together with the Corticon Server, this shortcut starts both of them. Then, the Corticon Web Console shortcut launches your default browser to connect to the local Web Console.
Here is a view of a Decision Service with a graph of the responses and executions over a span of a several minutes:
This guide describes user activities in the Web Console interface, followed by an administrator's section that touches on architectural features and management functions.